Friday, February 2, 2007

Miami Beach Unveils New Marketing Initiative During Super Bowl Week

With the eyes of the nation focused on Super Bowl XLI this Sunday, the City of Miami Beach plans to welcome thousands of fans, media and corporate sponsors with a new marketing initiative – “Miami Beach 25/7. So much to do, you’ll need the extra hour.”

“Our objective is to communicate that Miami Beach offers more than meets the eye for everyone – from residents to visitors to business people,” said Miami Beach Assistant City Manager Hilda Fernandez. “There simply is no other tropical city in the country that offers this ‘live, work, play’ trifecta, forcing you to beg for a 25th hour in the day to experience it all.”

The 25/7 message will be placed on everything from T-shirts to branded energy drinks and aerial banners during the days preceding the Super Bowl, complemented with a variety of public relations efforts.

Today, the City opens the “Miami Beach Loves You Back” media spa, outside the Miami Beach Convention Center. Members of the media will be given an entry pass to enjoy a short break from the stress of covering the game and its related stories, while being provided a Miami Beach 25/7 T-shirt, with a customized tagline (“So much to cover, you’ll need the extra hour”), a Miami Beach 25/7 energy drink “for the 25th hour,” and a list of possible sidebar stories.

At the Miami Beach Golf Club, corporate players will receive a custom-designed golf towel and information about the city’s excellent business environment, delivered continuously on the GPS system found in every golf cart.

Beginning Friday and through the weekend, Miami Beach will have a concierge in their entry foyer suite at the Sprint Style Villa, a two-story glass hospitality house for corporate VIPs, visiting dignitaries, athletes and celebrities, located on the beach. Visitors will receive a specially-designed bag featuring the Miami Beach 25/7 logo and branded t-shirt.

The City selected local public relations firm, The Treister Murry Agency, and branding agency, Cre8tiv Juice Group, last summer to develop a campaign that focuses on establishing Miami Beach as a city that competes in the world marketplace with its cuisine, cultural offerings, business opportunities, high-end shopping and recreational amenities that extend beyond its beautiful beaches.

“With so many visitors in town, including journalists, who may be experiencing Miami Beach for the first time, we wanted to make sure they walked away with a new, more complete vision of what the city has to offer,” said Lisa Treister of The Treister Murry Agency.

Added Mauricio Giammettei of Cre8tiv Juice: “For the Super Bowl we wanted a simple message that conveys the city’s unstoppable energy. Our efforts this week are about getting that message to the thousands of visitors who will be in our area.”

Additional marketing and public relations initiatives will be rolled out during key special events throughout the year to emphasize the Miami Beach brand.

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