Monday, January 29, 2007

New Survey Reveals Men’s Super Bowl Rituals

Super Bowl XLI is just around the corner and from coast to coast, men are in the final days of preparation and training – getting ready to take the field. But it’s not just the players who are preparing. According to a new Coors Light survey of more than 2,500 adult male football fans, preparing for Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most important priorities of the year. Survey results show that a large percentage (44 percent) of men put more time and energy into making Super Bowl plans than making Valentine’s Day plans. The survey also shows that more than 30 percent of survey respondents would rather see their favorite team win the Super Bowl than win a date with a supermodel, win a year’s supply of beer or win their fantasy football league for three years in a row.

The survey also revealed that the winner of the game isn’t the only thing on men’s minds – beer is also a top priority on Super Bowl Sunday. While roughly 35 percent of those surveyed said their male friends are the ideal Super Bowl companions, 24 percent said all they need is an ice cold beer, preferably at a temperature as cold as the Rocky Mountains (45 percent).

The creative ways football fans chill their beer prior to the big game include putting it in the snow outside, floating it in a stream and filling their washing machines or bathtubs with ice.

“Coors Light's sponsorship of the National Football League allows us to be part of adult fans’ football rituals from the Super Bowl to the NFL Draft to the season kickoff,” said Sara Mirelez, Coors Light brand director, Coors Brewing Company. “This survey shows that one of the most important parts of an adult fan's Super Bowl ritual is ice cold beer. With products like the Plastic Bottle Cooler Box, Coors Light makes it easy for guys to enjoy refreshing cold beer without missing a minute of the game."

In addition to revealing football fans’ feelings about the Super Bowl, the Coors Light survey also exposed respondents’ Super Bowl rituals such as playing a touch football game prior to the game, watching the commercials and voting on the best ads, wearing team colors and taking the next day off work.

Other findings from the survey include:

More than 83 percent of men cheer for the underdog if their team is not in the Super Bowl.
Football fans rarely get off the couch during the game and when they do it is only to use the restroom (67 percent), get something to eat (55 percent) or get an ice cold beer (35 percent).

If respondents must tear their eyes away from the television set, 65 percent would rather miss the commercials than the actual game.

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