Saturday, January 27, 2007

Coca-Cola back in the Super Bowl for the first time in a long time

Big ads deserve big audiences. In an unprecedented move, the newest commercials for Coca-Cola are airing on two of television's most watched programs -- the broadcast of Super Bowl XLI on CBS and AMERICAN IDOL on FOX.

Two "Coke Side of Life" commercials, "Video Game" and "Happiness Factory," will join the ranks of television's most anticipated advertising broadcast as millions tune in to watch the telecast of Super Bowl XLI on Sunday, February 4 on CBS. "Video Game" first aired on the season premiere of AMERICAN IDOL on FOX and "Happiness Factory" makes its debut on tonight's episode of the popular show. Last week's season opener was the highest rated premiere in AMERICAN IDOL's six seasons.

A new Coca-Cola ad developed specifically for football's biggest game will also air during the broadcast.

"Both 'Video Game' and 'Happiness Factory' are larger-than-life ads, so we think it's only fitting that we share them with the massive viewing audiences that make the Super Bowl and AMERICAN IDOL television's ultimate appointment programming," said Sandy Douglas, president, Coca-Cola North America. "We also look forward to surprising viewers with a special new ad that will debut during the game."

"Video Game" offers a positive twist on traditional video game plots which often feature characters causing mayhem. In this ad, the hero spreads happiness and optimism by passing out Coca-Cola to people he encounters as he moves through the city streets. "Happiness Factory" provides a fanciful glimpse inside a Coca-Cola vending machine and follows a bottle of Coke on its surprising journey to the vendor's exit door. Both ads remind people that Coca-Cola is the world's most delicious and refreshing beverage.

"Coca-Cola belongs to consumers everywhere, and if we can make watching the world's favorite entertainment and sports broadcasts a little bit more fun with the world's favorite brand, then we will be there," said Katie Bayne, senior vice president, Coca-Cola brands, Coca-Cola North America.

Immediately after the broadcast of Super Bowl XLI on CBS, all Coca-Cola ads that aired during the game will be available for viewing on and on the homepage of

Before their "small screen" launches on AMERICAN IDOL, both ads made their "big screen" debut in theaters across the U.S. "Happiness Factory" has also been posted online on peer-to-peer content sharing websites, generating impressive awareness in some unusual places. As an example, according to proprietary Coca-Cola research, the ad has an 11% awareness score among Belgian teens -- even though the ad has not aired in Belgium.

Both commercials will also be part of a fully integrated marketing program designed to extend their themes to the digital world. Special rewards based on imagery from each ad will be offered through My Coke Rewards, the popular online mega-rewards program. Some rewards will also connect with, the online environment where Coca-Cola drinkers hang out, socialize, play games, and create their own virtual worlds in Coke Studios.

By constantly expanding the rewards pool and offering exclusive items tied to programs like AMERICAN IDOL, NCAA basketball, the Academy Awards and now new advertising, to date almost 3.5 million members have claimed more than 1.6 million rewards at

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